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Our secure Online Application is user friendly, easy to navigate and safe with your sensitive financial data securely protected by Microsoft Azure 



Our Secure Online Application is provided by CRM Trail (Customer Relationship Management) which has the responsibility of storing very confidential information about your assets and finances. CRM Trail take great care to ensure that their security measures are sufficient for this sensitive task.

Compliance & certifications

  • CRM Trail is certified under the ISO 27001 cyber security standard. This certification shows that they maintain your Information Security Management System (ISMS) to an internationally recognised level.
    - ISO/IEC 27001:2013. 

  • CRM Trail is compliant with the Privacy Act 2020. They are committed to transparency of the security processes they use to protect your data.

  • CRM Trail understand the new requirements under the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act 2019 (FSLAA). They retain your data for a minimum of 7 years for audit purposes.




CRM Trail use industry leading cloud infrastructure to keep the information you store in CRM Trail secure.

  • Microsoft hosts their products. Their software and your data is hosted through Microsoft Azure. Azure has a long list of data security certifications and extensive physical security.

  • Your data is stored in Australia. While Azure provides hosting all over the globe, their primary data centre is in Eastern Australia.

  • Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Their database is protected with encryption and their service does not allow non-HTTPS traffic.

  • CRM Trail infrastructure is protected by a firewall. They require special network access to administrate their servers and software in addition to other credentials.


Trail CRM is a cloud service and relies heavily on other cloud services. This means that the integrity of their data is outsourced to dependable companies like Microsoft and Google.

  • The data you store in CRM Trail is backed up regularly. They schedule automatic database backups to mitigate the unlikely event of loss or corruption. These backups are stored in a different part of Australia.

  • Ransomware attacks are mitigated through cloud storage. They don't rely on local storage for important information. All your data is backed up with version history.

  • DDoS attacks are mitigated through Azure. Microsoft has infrastructure capable of withstanding DDoS attacks.

  • CRM Trail encrypt their devices to secure the information on them. Information on their devices is unreadable without their decryption keys, even if they are stolen by a sophisticated party.

  • They only use websites that serve HTTPS. Their web browsers prevent them from visiting websites that don't meet web security standards.


The information we store on the CRM Trail is; Your name, date of birth, current address, dependents names and date of birth, IRD number, employment details, income details, property addresses you own or wish to purchase, list of assets, list of debts, mortgage and loan details and if applicable, company details and Trust Deed details plus any documents you upload on to the (CRM) Customer Relationship Management system.        

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