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Joanne is the Office Manager for ADVOCO Mortgages and handles the back office paperwork, compliance and complaints. Joanne is unable to provide advice on your mortgage or home loan. 

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After being an at home mum for 11 years Joanne started back in the work force for a boutique fashion retail shop in 2010  - she loved the fashion industry so much that in 2014 Joanne brought 50% of the company. Joanne organised fashion shows for the local community, worked on the floor as Sales Manager and increased sales significantly over the years.


In 2019, she sold the business and has since been working full-time at ADVOCO Mortgages as Office Manager. Joanne handles the back office paperwork, compliance and complaints (we've had none to date).

This frees up Steve, so he can work on what's best for his clients.


Steve and Joanne married in 2000 and Joanne has fully supported the family business even while running her own business. All this plus being a mum, running the family home with 3 adult children and two dogs. Joanne takes multi-tasking to a new level.


In her spare time Joanne enjoys gardening, yoga and regular walks along Ōrewa beach with her "Killer' watch dogs Charlley and Tilly. 



If you have a complaint please email Joanne on:

09-212 9976

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